Whirlpool smart appliances App

Another appliance companiy that has been present at CES 2013 was Whirlpool. In fact in his own web page they fitted out a space to discuss news and information about appliances, which were presented at the fair:http://ces.whirlpool.com/ The stand was called “2020 a look ahead” with a clear guidance to how he will be home in a few years. In fact it is a claim that they have been using for a while.

Regarding smart appliances, Whirlpool presented the application “Whirlpool Appliance Accessories App” which can now be downloaded from iTunes. This is a program for smartphone and tablet, which connects to devices and collects and displays all the information of each of them. We know their status, what they are doing at every moment, to pause them or control them remotely activate them when we want, to know if there is a problem, … and many other actions.

Another innovation is the Whirlpool Fireplace multifunctional table. The user will put on the table any type of container and the device will heat or cool depending on the kind of food. The color will be used as informer of their status and temperature. Everything is controlled from the smart fireplace that sits on top of the table. The idea is that the meals are always at their peak consumption and preparation with minimal effort.

Whirlpool Fresh Connect

They also presented a new concept: Fresh Connect. It is offering a new food shopping experience, to take it to a new level. From our smartphone we buy food from local suppliers that  send us straight home units and custom products. The Central Cooling System will keep them fresh. The idea is that we can also share these products with neighbors, as a social activity, something we see more complicated.

Something that is more common and mostly used in smart appliances is the music integrated in refrigerators with custom playlists, called Whirlpool CoolVox . Through Bluetooth smartphone can share songs to the refrigerator. Also on the touchscreen can access the Internet and view and save our favorite recipes.

In the video below you can see a summary of all the devices discussed above: