Jornada Retos Internet de las Cosas 2012

Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, said in the last MWC:

“If a person is connected to the network, his lifechanges. But if all thing and objectss are connected, the world is changing. “

Also predicted that the number of devices (browsers, readers, cameras, etc..) connected in 2020 would be 50,000 million. If we consider that a person is surrounded by everyday objects 1000-2000, the number of connected objects or things is almost impossible to imagine and this is what you intended the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to the UIT, the Internet of Things is a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications. Its development depends on innovation important in fields ranging from networks of wireless sensors to nanotechnology. Because of these reasons would be sufficient for the Official College of Telecommunications Engineering developed an information day on the Internet of Things, both in its impact on people, businesses, in business, and in its technological aspect. Issues such as privacy, standardization, matching networks, the technology itself, business models, etc.. be discussed during the Conference. This is the main objective of the Seminar on Challenges of Internet of Things: raise and discuss the key challenges for this new paradigm to really be a reality soon.

The agenda is structured in 7 sections:
1) Impact on people
2) Impact on Business
3) Telecommunication Networks
4) Security and Privacy
5) Technology
6) Interoperability and standardization
7) Sensor Networks

We have the chance to participate in the panel discussion of interoperability and standardization, where we will make a short presentation.

Registration can be done through the web of COIT

This is the program:

09:00 Registration and documentation.

9:45 Opening by Borja Adsuara, Di rector General and Eugenio Fontan, Dean President COIT

10:00 Lecture: The impact of the Internet of Things in people.

  • Mari Satur Torre, Director of Innova tion Vodafone Foundation.
  • Julian Andujar, Managing Director of the Foundation TECSOS.
  • Jaisiel Madrid, Deputy Director of R + D + i Technosite.

10:45 Lecture: The impact of the Internet of Things in business.

  • Guri Pedro Marcos, President of EMEA Region NEORIS.

11:30 Coffee break.

12:00 Roundtable: State and evolution of telecommunications for the Inter net of Things. Moderator: Noelia Miranda, Head of Technical Development COIT.

  • Alfonso Perea Moraleda, New Business Manager at Telefónica Spain.
  • Raúl González Prats, Head of Strategic Mar keting Abertis Telecom.
  • Salvardor Maldonado Soriano, SETSI Area Coordinator.

13:15 Panel: Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things.

  • Moderator: José María Vela, Senior Group NAP.
  • Carlos Galan, Managing Partner of ATL Legal Technology Agency.
  • Arturo Vergara Pardillo, Member of IGF (Forum Internet Governance). Investi gador of Polytechnic University of Madrid.
  • Emmanuel Roeseler, IBM Security Systems Manager.

14:00 Cocktail.

15:30 Roundtable: Current state of tech nologies associated with the Internet of Things.

  • Moderator: Leandro de Haro, Director Chair COIT.
  • Danta Carlos Cortes, Director of R & D of Libera Networks.
  • Esteve Guillermo Asensio, Pro Engineer program M2M Vodafone Group R & D.
  • Adrian Noguero Mucientes, Tecnalia Research & Innovation Researcher.
  • Oscar Ahumada, Director R & D Deparment of Mecwins.

17:00 Round table: Interoperability and standardization in the Internet of Things.

  • Moderator: Cayetano Lluch, Assistant Dean of the COIT and NAP Group coordinator.
  • Josep Paradells Blades, Head of Technology Unit Inter net Ubiqua i2CAT Foundation.
  • Paloma Garcia Lopez, Chief of Ser vice AENOR Telecommunications and IT.
  • José Miguel Varas Rubio, Head of Automation Engineering da Vinci.

18:00 Roundtable: Sensor networks. COIT Ecosystem.

  • Moderator: Francisco Falcone, Member Group NAP.
  • Valley Jorge Arias, Managing Director CEO Galtel.
  • Dante I. Tapia Martinez, Director of R & D + i of Nebusens.
  • Fernando Moreno, Product Manager SAYME.
  • David Garcés, Director of Business Development at TST.

19:10 Closing Eugenio Fontan, Dean President COIT.