Robomatica y MetalMadrid

This week , on 23rd and 24th,  was held at IFEMA (Madrid) the hall of robotics and systems automation, Robomatica. It is the first time this event is held dedicated toprofessionals within the frame of MetalMadrid, which celebrating its sixth edition. Our goal was to see what’s new refering to robots and realize what new technologies are going to be available in the market soon . Having sponsors or Auri11 Schunk did nothing but increase the interest of Robomática .

Robots are now a fundamental value in metal companies, both technological innovations and the development of the product. In fact, in Spain there are over 35,000 industrial robots in use, most of them in the motor industry for car production.

Unlike Innorobo (service robots fairorganized in Lyon) it was oriented around industrial robotics. However, it is likely that all that technology has an application for home in a few years. Note that home automation is directly an automation technology at low lever for simple uses and robots or appliances to control service from a smartphone or a tablet, an action that is gradually becoming more common in homes.

We are sure that with the assistance of large companies with stands and visitors, Robomatica will be repeated next year and some unique or interesting technological novelty  will be presented some unique or interesting technological.