Robotic systems are becoming more widely used in our society not only in industry, although it was their traditional niche application, but also in the level of care and service. The latest statistics predict significant growth in the number of industrial robots and an even greater increase in robotics service. On one hand, these data identify a clear trend in the industry towards automation of production processes in order to optimize efficiency, increase the quality of their products/services and increase their competitiveness in an increasingly technological environment.

On the other hand, these data also show a progressive integration of robotic systems and automation systems in daily life. Thus, the scope of this Master enrollees is not limited only to the industry but is a wide range of different applications: medicine, logistics, security, cleaning, catering, maintenance, etc.

Demand for graduates in industry (as technical engineering and master degree) has increased considerably. This large demand for specialists in industrial technologies along with the progressive integration of robots in industrial automation systems today identifies the need for experts in the field of automation and robotics. However, current degrees as Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, so that future degrees do not meet this specialization demand entirely.

Therefore, this Master’s degree is necessary to expand the current training graduates with the objective of providing a deeper view, detailed and applied to robotics. His approach remains adequate as Master because it is a specialization to a specific area.

We will make a presentation of the Masters the day July 19 at 18:30 at our facilities located in the street Cean Bermudez 42 under in Gijón (near the Los Fresnos Mall, free park place for 2 hours).

In the presentation we will make a practical demonstration of what we can accomplish over the master by the master teachers, whom could ask any questions about the Master of Digital Home and Robotics Service.

We remind you that taking part of this Masters will have the opportunity to practice on our partners.


Please RSVP in or 984 395 373.

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