On Wednesday 5th, 2013 at 17:00  Digital Home and Robotic Services Master will be presented in iLabora headquarters in Gijon. On Thursday 10th presentation will be repeated in Oviedo, Faculty of Informatics. The Master is organized by the International Graduate Centre, within the project of the International Campus of Excellence of the Oviedo University.

The agenda will include the subjects of home digital service robotics, regulation and legislation of matter robotic development, integration, energy and construction, and project management. In addition there will be a final project and internships. The Master is aimed for graduates, preferably in the areas of Architecture, Computing, Industrial and Telecommunications, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to recycle their knowledge or gain a qualification which shows the work they can perform and professionals who can demonstrate experience in the sector. It will be held Fridays and Saturdays, so it can be combined with other studies or work.

Máster DHC

This training is designed to improve the technical and technological skills of those persons who want to learn more about home automation systems and robotics. Students will learn how to  programming with KNX and Busing and robots, simulate and understand how they work. Some quadricopters and Pioneer robots will be used for this aim.

You can pre-register on the Masters through the following web address: https://directo.uniovi.es/PreinscripcionEP/index.asp?gestora=TITPROPI

To attend the presentation on Wednesday in Gijon, please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to info@ilabora.com or by calling 984 395 373.

More information about the Master: http://robotica.uniovi.es/masterhdyrs/