The University of Oviedo presents the Master of Robotics and Digital Home service on the campus of Mieres. Pre-registration for the master of digital home service robotics and opened on June 4 and registration will be held from 11 to 17 September. The master has blended nature and classes will be held on Friday afternoon (from 14.00 to 21.00) and Saturday morning (from 9.00 to 14.00).

The agenda will include the subjects of home digital service robotics, regulation and legislation of matter robotic development, integration, energy and construction, and project management. In addition there will be a final project and internships. Collaborate in the master 15 companies and industry associations (Ilabora, Imotec, 9habitat, Daixma, Domonova, Fenitel, Imeyca, Soto, Ametic, Cartif, M-Bot, Ingenium, Schneider Electric and Automation daVincid) and the teachers and lecturers are professors , doctors and researchers from the Universities of Oviedo, Carlos III of Madrid and Essex, and engineers and managers of companies.

Master DHC

The Master is aimed for graduates, preferably in the areas of Architecture, Computing, Industrial and Telecommunications, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to recycle their knowledge or gain a qualification which shows the work they can perform and professionals who can demonstrate experience in the sector .

From the Infobótica Research Group at the University of Oviedo, which is headquartered on the campus of Mieres and coordinates the Masters, they note that there have been some changes and has managed to lower the price of the master, now of 1,950 EUR, very competitive.

We note the ten reasons why we think a very interesting training proposal:

Green technology in the context of information and communications in which we, the technology has reached a point of maturity where automation and services are irrupiendo larobótica strongly in the Digital Home, finally fulfilling the promise of eternal integration everyday life of citizens. This training can go ahead and train for this wave that is already coming.

  1. There is a wide range of training for automation and robotics, but they are disjoint proposals. This is the only proposal that combines in a single master, home automation, the service robotics. Interoperability and standardization between the two areas.
  2. In the field of home automation, this Master is one of the few that has in its faculty, with faculty across the value chain, from universities and research centers, through manufacturers such as Ingenium, engineers, integrators and Automation intaladores as daVinci .
  3. The master has the backing of Infobótica, a hyper-specialized team in service robotics and its integration into the digital home, which has participated in a Avanza Plan for the development of a standard in this regard.
  4. The master consists of a face part.
  5. The knowledge gained will be eminently practical and aligned with all the latest state of the art and is therefore much appreciated by the different market players.
  6. Given the roster of companies and collaborators, enables students to acquire a network of professional contacts in the field of Robotics and Digital Home, the first level in a short time and with the possibility to prove their worth.
  7. Competitively priced
  8. Proven teaching method and prestige.
  9. With the support and guarantee of i-works and the University of Oviedo