Next week we will host two presentations in order to inform about the Digital Home and Service Robotics Master. We will show and discuss about about the automation technology topics that will be teached in the Masters.

Panel gestión DHCompliant

We will show the ttendees a management panel for all home automation (shutters, doors, windows, motion detectors, humidity sensors, etc..) through DHCompliant II connection protocol for smart appliances, home automation robots . We’ll also share several robots like the Roomba connected with RooWifi to several devices that allow us to control through Internet.

Attendees will also see first hand the Renault Twizzy, the smallest electric car market. Not only meet, but also drive it. If you sign this form you will be able to drive the Twizzy.

Two information sessions will be held in Gijón and Oviedo:

  • Tuesday, September 24th at 17.00 in the Lecture Hall of the South Campus Viesques (Gijón).
  • Wednesday, September 25th at 17.00 in the Auditorium of the School of Computer Engineering (Oviedo).

Attendance is free and public so we invite you all to get a little closer to home automation.

This is an official Master of the Oviedo University aimed at graduates, preferably in the areas of Architecture, Computing, Engineering and Telecommunications, as well as employers and / or professional, if they can demonstrate industry experience. The Master’s registration period ends on October 10th.

Information on the Master: