From October 15th to 17th 2013 was held in Amsterdam the annual fair European Utility Week. The edition hosted 350 exhibitors from companies all around the world and more than 8,000 professionals. Actually, it is an event that joins three different fairs held previous years:

  • Metering , Billing / CRM Europe
  • Transmission & Distribution / Smart Grids Europe
  • Smart Homes

European Utility Week 2013

It is certainly the most important event in Europe in the field of energy and home automation. Also this year had an interesting section of “smart houses ” where the DH Compliant 2 project has much to say . For this reason we focused our outreach in the area of ​​”Smart Homess Europe” where the main current home automation technologies were : Z -Wave, ZigBee and EnOcean, all operating in each of the alliances.

We had meetings with several manufacturers, most of them from Asia where they are located the leading developers of products. He also had the opportunity to talk to suppliers of water/gas/electricity , ie , utilities , for Europe. We were able to see first hand their intentions regarding smart meters, smart grids and smart Cities, and also learn to cover their needs with future developments of DH Compliant .

European Utility Week Amsterdam

There were also some electric car manufacturers and charger points. We were able to talk to them and discuss our progress in this regard with the Twizzy and their integration into DHC 2, which is already a reality.

As in other fairs, what we have seen is that there is little new technology and the most important thing is to keep developing the software. We are sure that in this field we can provide much value.