From August 14th to 16th we attended a very exclusive course for a few automation sector companies organized by the Z -Wave Alliance in Atlanta (USA): Z-Wave Fundamentals and Basic Training. Representing the DHCompliant 2 projct attended José Miguel Rubio, CEO of Domótica DaVinci, a Home Automation expert.

Jose Miguel Rubio with Z-Wave Atlanta Chipset 500

The training focused on Z -Wave technology, which is becoming an increasingly popular solution in many countries. They presented new 500 Series Chipset, which is faster (100Kbps), has a lower consumption, improves security, power and is compatible with almost all current devices. The new chip also comes the new Z -Wave Plus certification, which is required for devices that use it. It serves to simplify the integration of protocols and enables TCP/IP applications to communicate directly with devices among other options.

We could also tested first hand the “Software Developmen Kit” (SDK) version 6.50 specifically written for 500 Chipset. Sigma Designs offers more information and support on their website .

Z-Wave Ecosystem

Continuing with the software, we were able to “play” with the Z -Wave Controller, which is a program that runs under Windows and via an USB Dongle can add or remove devices to a Z -Wave network. No less interesting is the Z -Wave Sniffer, a program that can be used for real-time information sent between devices via Wi -Fi so you can analyze network coverage, installations, troubleshoot, etc .

The aim of our assistance was not only learn more  about this interesting technology, but to present the possibilities of DHCompliant 2 to interact with various automation systems. Sigma Designs is definitely one of the leading companies worldwide as far as automation is concerned and we believe it can be very interesting collaboration.