The final show DH Compliant 2 project is presented in the following video we have done by the 3 companies involved in DH Compliant 2 project. We present the work carried out during 2013and properties this technology offers in the digital home.

For the final technology demonstration project, we installed a Living Lab in real house in Argame (Mieres/Asturias) with automation systems (lights, blinds, alarms, cameras, consumption meters,…), robots services (Roomba, Rovio, Karotz, robot lawn mower,…) and smart appliances (Smart TV, electric car, …) used in the project. We installed Adapters and control system in a Raspberry Pi with its interface via television. The result of this can be watched in the video:

Monica Alonso from Infobótica (University of Oviedo ), Ana Perez from Ingenium and Jose Miguel Rubio Domótica DaVinci explain what the project is and how DH Compliant 2 joins home automation, service robots and intelligent appliances. In short, it is a platform that connects these disjoint areas under one umbrella and can be controlled from a computer, a television, a tablet or a smartphone.

As simple as turning on or off lights , raise or lower the blinds and other complex as programming the robot vacuum cleaner or lawnmower are actions that can be performed automatically from controller devices or simply if any of them detects a person is accessing the home.

We have developed a specific hardware to connect and control all these devices, and software for the management, measurements, etc.

One of the strengths of this project is that it is a free technology and any company that develops devices can use it. Thus, without the user having to do anything more than having those devices will have the domotic house automatically.