What would a digital home with DH Compliant 2 integrated into home automation, smart appliances and robots like? Don’t imagine, just look the next picture.

Digital Home DH Complian 2

We started talking about the door, which can be opened both physical and digital form. In the metal key are included one cryptographic key that authenticates the owner. Once inside, and folowing the image, we see an entertainment center connected to the Internet that serves information, movies and music. With the remote people will also control other devices in the home.

In the kitchen and any other room in the house, the network would detect any fault in lighting. The time of every clocks would always be synchronized with the network. Smart appliances would warn us of when a product or food is finished or when the refrigerator is minimum. Soon, you could even make the purchase from a screen embedded in this device.

The blinds go up and down by themselves depending on the time of sunset, like the irrigation system connected to a network, which knows the weather forecast and when it should turn it on and off.

The simplest thing would be the air conditioning and heating, which would work independently according to a temperature stored. For example, detecting if there is light in the house, the system and know that someone has to turn on the system. Upon leaving, you could turn off automatically.

One of the things that will help us in the morning is that the clock, besides sounding as usual or turn on the radio, you can turn on the lights in the house and even coffee or teapot to start preparing breakfast while we stretch.

If you are taking any medication, as with the smart fridge, the system let us know that we are running out pills and could even inquire to book us time doctor.

Of course all of these functions could be controlled and customized from a monitor and / or control system inside the house or we can get an application installed on your smartphone.

Just to be on the Internet and have a protocol integration and connectivity between devices as DH Compliant 2 could end up having the Digital Home. Best of all is that this reality is not as far as it seems.

Picture | MIT