CES 2013 continues and every day we see the presentation of new devices. It would be impossible to mention all, so let’s summarize some of the most interesting in the field of smart appliances, robots and automation.

Dacor Discovery IQ

It is an oven with Internet access and Android already installed. This is a device with touch screen 7 inch, of course for cooking, but also to surf in Internet via Wi-Fi to read email, get news, social networks, etc.

Dacor horno inteligente CES 2013

It comes equipped with a 1Ghz Samsung CPU, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, stereo sound and PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processor. The version of Android is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This means that we have access to the Play Store to download an application to control the oven remotely intelligent, but also games to entertain us while we cook.

Dacor expected to begin production next summer with prices ranging between 3,300€ and 5,500€.

Securifi Almond+

This is a wireless router with integrated touch screen. User can set the device without any conection to the computer. It is an evolution of Almond but with a twist thinking a little more in the home automation system, so it  has the Smart Home Hub. In this way it can connect and manage multiple wireless sensors that are located in the home. It is ready to support all major connectivity protocols. Actions like turn on and off lights, heating, raising and lowering drapes, etc. can be done.
Securifi Almond+

Unlike the previous case, Securifi Almond + need a little push to go into production so they will use the crowfunding platform Kickstarter, where they hope to get the $250,000 they need to go ahead with the project.

Smart Communicator Plant Care

Who had a plant, which died due to lack of irrigation? Would not it be much easier if the plants speak? Moneual though about it and has designed and developed this device that gives details on the status of the plants. In this way we can see if they need water, temperature and humidity are not correct or if they need any special care.

Actually is not the first device that offers these possibilities, like also the Parrot Flower Power with a simpler design and rudimentary, they both offer almost the same options. The advantage of Smart Plant Care Communicator is the ability to “talk” to explain the instructions that we must follow:

Photo | Fayerwayer