Robotex Android CES 2013

The company Robotex has introduced at CES 2013 its robot Avatar. What rings the bell is that in fact there are already Avatar II and Avatar III versions, which are used by the military and special police units. Both are tactical security systems and sophisticated and expensive (the price exceeds thousand euros).

What we teach today in Las Vegas is a much simpler model for $ 299 which is one a small robot that can incorporate an iPad mini (not included in the price) and monitor to welcome visitors to our house. Avatar is controlled from an iPhone or iPad application. Android app will soon be available.

Robotex Android side CES 2013

The interesting thing about this project is that the robot Robotex will be open source. They will share a SDK and HDK for making modifications, developments and improve the robot and the control application. This will open up new possibilities to “find” more skills to this device.

Perhaps it is also a good opportunity to test how it would work with DH Compliant 2 installed and discover the potential and options that it can offer.

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