A month ago we confirmed that DH Compliant will be at CES Las Vegas and date of January 8th and the opening ceremony isnears. This year will be no big companies like Microsoft and Apple, who are betting on events they organize, but others like of Samsung, Lenovo, NVIDIA, AMD, Sony, Google, Polaroid, Hyundai, Audi, Ford, Chrysler, Subaru, Kia and a so on will attend.

CES 2013

It is expected that the 2013 edition will be very interesting regarding to international releases, but we expect not many related to home automation or smart appliances. An important space in the show will be for new smartphones, televisions and displays. The fight between industry giants is brutal and they want to use this platform of CES to show everyone their advances in technology.

In the field of mobile phones is sensed that Samsung will present a flexible display device, but not the S IV, just probably a demonstration of how they are evolving the technology. Sony will launch the Xperia Z, a 5-inch mobile and HD resolution, which could make the company return to battle that now Samsung and Apple are gaining. Do not expect many releases since late February when Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona will be held.

The Korean company is also embarking on the creation of new TVs and is predicted to present a model of 110-inch 4K and even 8K. If so, we would be talking about a format with higher quality than even the Ultra HD, Full HD successor. TV is expected to become the center of digital home communications where the user will control all automation and robotic elements of the house and Intel is especially interested at this point. However, products like Apple TV or Google Nexus Q didn’t success, perhaps because it was probably released too early and not being mature enough market. Where these companies failed, Intel will try to reverse the tables to win in 2013.

At CES Las Vegas will be also presented 3D computer screens. It is interesting, but we will see if games or programs are able to use this technology without forcing us to buy a new PC.

One of the most anticipated performances is Toyota with its Lexus AASRV (Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle), an autonomous driving car that needs no driver. The Japanese can ring the bell in this edition with a vehicle that already was showed by Google. It may be one of the devices with the most potential of the show.

And we will be there to not miss any news or submissions and publicize the advantages and strengths that have DH Compliant and this new version we released DHC 2. We recommend you to follow our Twitter profile @dhcompliant and our Facebook page where we will share all the news emerging at CES 2013.